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Common Problems
This section can be broken down into two categories:
  • Systems with a reset button
  • Systems without a reset button

Older Systems without “Reset” Buttons:

Holding the “9” button in for 5 seconds is the reset button

If “status” light continues to blink – find open zone by counting the number of green light blinks or if your system has digital readout hold “3” button to display open zone – check zone list under keypad cover. If you can’t close an open zone you can temporarily bypass the problem zone by entering “B” followed by the problem zone number(yellow shunt/bypass light comes on) then entering your arming code.

If all 3 (red, yellow, green) lights are flashing it means system is running on battery – no electricity present on panel - check outlet where system is plugged in.

If all three (3) (red, yellow, green) lights are flashing with a number it means
  1. 1 Flashing – no electricity on panel, check outlet where system is plugged in.
  2. 2 Flashing – backup battery is low
  3. 3 Flashing – communication to Central Station failure, check telephone line, trip system and try to get alarm signal to central station. A successful Central Station transmission will clear problem.
You can temporarily clear these three problems by holding “9” button for 5 seconds. This enables you to arm/disarm system.

For new systems with “reset” button:

With LCD display – simply read problem and fix as above (no electricity, low battery, or communication failure as above.

If there is an open zone that you can’t close you can bypass is temporarily by entering “Bypass” followed by the zone number then arm the system.

If system displays a red triangle (trouble triangle) Enter “Function” “4” Zone lights will light up displaying problems as below (nothing to do with zones in this mode )
  1. 1 Light on – Power failure
  2. 2 Light on – Low Battery
  3. 3 Light on – Failure to Communicate to Central Station
  4. 4 Light on – Phone line failure – hit reset and check phone line
For more information on your specific system go to user's manual and lookup your specific keypad manual.