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Tips for a Successful Alarm System
These points are essential. The lives and valuables you are protecting depend on them. Don't be fooled into the false sense of security that the inexpensive, incomplete systems offer.
  • In addition to Central Station Monitoring, your alarm system should have a siren to scare away intruders.
  • Instead of a telephone line, which could be compromised, consider using a cellular radio for communication of alarm signals to central station.
  • All possible entry points (doors and windows, etc.) should be protected with alarm contacts. These contacts detect a door or window being opened.
  • Interior space protection (motion detection, glass-break detection) should also be used.
  • Fire protection can also be included in your system. System type smoke detectors will provide Central Station Monitoring coverage against fire.
  • It is a state requirement that installers of security systems be licensed with the Commonwealth of MA. Be sure your installer has their low voltage electrical license and their public safety clearance license.

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